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Analysis of future demand, production and infrastructure for clean hydrogen in Spain

Hydrogen is bound to become a key energy vector to achieve climate neutrality. However, it still faces numerous technological, economic and regulatory challenges. Addressing these challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach. The new Chair for Hydrogen Studies at Comillas Pontifical University is a joint initiative by the ICAI School of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics of ICADE, and aims at exploring the transition towards a hydrogen economy.

For this position, we are looking for a doctoral student who analyses the development of clean hydrogen infrastructure in Spain, applying optimization and/or simulation modelling techniques to evaluate a diverse set of future scenarios. In order to do so, the candidate will have to assess pathways for the demand by sector (industry, transport, exports), hydrogen production with different technologies and under grid connection schemes, and the required transport and storage infrastructure. Particular attention will be on how the transition towards a hydrogen economy can take place most efficiently. Moreover, the analyses should integrate key policy and regulatory considerations affecting this sector.

The selected candidate will join our team at the Chair of Hydrogen Studies and will explore potential synergies with the other research areas linked to the transition of our energy systems.

What do we offer?

A full-time contract subject to yearly renovations for up to three years; possibility a fourth-year extension. The candidate will have to enroll in the PhD program of Comillas Pontifical University and is expected to obtain a PhD degree within the duration of the collaboration.
Moreover, candidates will have the opportunity to enroll in additional training activities, allowing the candidate to have close contact with collaborating institutions and universities. The gross salary is € 24,410.00 (in 2021). In addition, the candidate may enjoy all the advantages offered to Comillas students (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library, etc.).


Candidates must have a master’s degree in Engineering and a good academic record. Candidates holding different degrees may be considered provided they can prove a strong technical and quantitative background. Knowledge in the energy sector, decarbonization, the hydrogen sector and programming skills will be particularly valued. The candidate must be fluent in English and is expected to contribute to scientific publications in international journals. A very good level of Spanish is also required as the selected candidate is expected to attend meetings conducted in Spanish and contribute to reports written in this language.
We welcome applications both from university students and candidates that are looking for a career change.


Curriculum vitae, transcript of academic records, cover/motivation letter and two recommendation letters.

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